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%22Pagode2%22 184X100CM Chinese Ink Pain


Chinese Ink on Rice Paper
184cm x 100cm

This painting is about the surviving ancient structure depicted with special Chinese ink painting skills to evoke people’s reverence to traditional culture. This series of paintings was inspired by my experience living in Dong Autonomous Region, where their unique culture is disappearing due to urbanization. Although more and more people are aware of the protection of ancient structures, the crisis of cross-cultural homogeneity still reflects the reality that our unique traditional culture is in an extremely urgent situation. In my opinion, those ancient towers represent the dissolving culture, which is “melted” due to the heat in a high-speed city. With the time past, they are also disappearing silently.


The tower was painted in traditional Mogu skills. The tower, with notable religious characteristics, symbolizes sacredness in Chinese culture. It should not be absent as a cultural symbol and the language of architecture.

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