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One-Person Dinner

This is an installation room set as a dinner room. The viewer is asked to seat on one side of the table, with a mirror on the end of the table, reflecting the table as well as the viewer. The plate was cut in half and pressed onto the mirror so the plate is complete by its own reflection. The table seems to continue in the mirror and the viewer will see their own reflection at the other end of the table. This is a dinner one has with oneself.

There is a door on the opposite side of the wall of the mirror. The door is slightly open with red blood coming out, so the viewer will also be able to see the the opened door on their back through the mirror.

I want to express how people sometimes have secrets that they are unable to share with anyone. The secrets are then locked in a chamber, and we would rather swallow the keys of the chambers than letting others to have it.

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